Mothers' Union

MU is a Christian Organisation with a current membership of 3.5 million in 76 different countries. Membership is open to anyone (men or women) baptised as a Christian who supports the aims and objects of the society .Over 5000 churches throughout the UK and Ireland have MU branches. Members worldwide are united in prayer, worship and fellowship. Each day in the Wave of Prayer members pray for members in diocese across the world
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The branch has 30 members

Non members are welcome to any meetings.

Branch Meetings 2nd Tuesday of the month 1.30pm

Corporate Communion 1st Wednesday of the month 9.30am

MU Fund Raising Parish Lunch- USUALLY last Tuesday of each month 12.30pm

Projects supported by St Maurice Branch include

A literacy and development programme
in Africa and Emergency Relief Overseas

Away from it all scheme

Parenting course

Bible story bags

Link with Diocesan Chain of Prayer




Mothers’ Union Programme 2016

Tuesday 12th       1.30pm  Branch Meeting
Our Christmas Blessings followed by  Epiphany  Tea party.
  Bring a friend.
Wednesday 6th 9.30 am Corporate Communion
Subscriptions DUE BY 31ST January £20.50 to Margaret Lugar
Tuesday 26th    12.30pm  MU Lunch
Friday 29th         Noon Cathedral Prayers.

Wednesday 2nd 9.30am Corporate Communion

Wednesday 10th  Ash Wednesday
Saturday 13th February 10 -10.30am IMPORTANT Meeting for ALL members Discuss and plan the future of the Archdeaconry at the Minster.

Wednesday 17th  7pm

 Rev Roger Beck licensed in Plympton St. Maurice

Tuesday 23rd 12.30pm   MU Lunch

Friday 16th  Noon   Cathedral Prayers

Wednesday 2nd    9.30am Corporate Communion
Friday 4th  Women’s World day of Prayer

Tuesday 8th 1. 30pm     Branch Meeting
 Overseas\ Hot cross Buns M Lugar

Wednesday 9th  7pm

Installation of Rev Robert Harris at St. Mary’s Church

Friday 25th  Good Friday
Sunday 27th Easter Sunday.

Monday 4th  Lady Day Service
 Mavis Davis

Wednesday 6th  9.30am
 Corporate  Communion

Tuesday 12th 1.30pm
  Mrs Margaret Provost – Diocesan Talk

Tuesday 26th 12.30pm
  MU Lunch

Wednesday 4th  9.30am
 Corporate Communion

Monday 9th – 12th
 Diocesan Retreat at Glastonbury.

Tuesday   10th  1.30pm
 Branch Meeting

Tuesday 17th  
Spring Council at Crediton

Friday 31st 
 1.30pm MU Meal
to be confirmed.

IMPORTANT  DATE September 22nd
  140th Anniversary Celebration
in Winchester Cathedral in presence of the Queen, our Patron.


MEMBERS please endeavour to attend that meeting at the Minster.  Use the Bus or request help with transport.
Hopefully we will have an opportunity to celebrate the 140th MU Anniversary in Plympton St Maurice with a flower display near the Church!

In June 2014 the Branch celebrated 100 years in Plympton St. Maurice with a Corporate Communion and lunch for over 80 members and friends. In February, to recognise National Marriage Week, members hosted an outreach service for 11 couples, aged from late 20s to late 70s, to reaffirm their marriage vows. Wedding Anniversary cards are sent to couples on their first Wedding Anniversary and Baptism Anniversary cards are delivered to children baptised until the age of 4.
Each month the 25 members of the Branch have the opportunity to attend a Corporate Communion, the Branch meeting and a Parish Lunch which is also open to other members of the congregation and the community.
Baby Showers are offered when appropriate. Funds were raised towards the Children’s Corner in Church which is appreciated both by children and parents enabled to relax as they attend the service.
Some members assist with Café Praise. Other local projects are linked with Derriford Hospital Neo-natal unit and Dartmoor prison.
Members regularly share and exchange ideas when attending Archdeaconry Meetings in Plymouth and Council Meetings in Exeter.