A Christian Meditation group meets weekly on Thursdays at 7.30pm
in the Church Hall lounge

This form of silent, imageless prayer using a mantra or prayer word is rooted in the Gospel and the letters of St Paul .

A Benedictine monk, Father John Main (1926-1982), rediscovered this ancient prayer tradition for contemporary men and women.
Today there are over 800 Christian Meditation groups around the world.

Everyone is warmly welcomed at this one hour meeting which includes quiet music, a reading ,
20 minutes of silent meditation and a short discussion period.

For further information telephone Mavis Davis 01752 330606.


Christians meditating?


Well yes! We are continuing an ancient tradition begun by the Desert Fathers. This is a form of prayer where we are not thinking about God, nor are we talking to God. We are just faithfully seeking to be with God.


Our group is affiliated to the World Community for Christian Meditation. Their website is worth a visit and explains the history of Christian Meditation, how to meditate and some really good resources.
See for more information.


Our group


Our group began meeting just over 5 years ago and we have grown together as a small but committed community of meditators, as we learn together. Each Thursday at 7.30pm we meet for an hour of readings, silent meditation and discussion. It is a chance to be silent, to learn about meditation and above all to practise together. Each year we commemorate our birthday with a special event – often an outdoor meditation followed by a picnic. We have found that regular meditation has enriched our lives in many ways, but the most important thing we have learned is not to have anxieties or expectations about what meditation will ‘do for us’ . It is enough to be willing to come and sit and be open; to be with God and to experience silence.