21st - 28th January 2018

Sunday 21st January – Third Sunday of Epiphany
Sung Eucharist
Celebrant and preacher Fr Robert

Tuesday 23rd January
Morning Prayer
Fr Will
Holy Communion.  Readings 2 Sam 6:12-15;17-19
Response 'The Lord of hosts is the King of Glory'
Mark 3:31-end
Fr Will

Wednesday 24th January
Holy Communion. Readings 2 Sam 7:4-17
Response 'Your love O God, is established for ever'
Mark 4:1-20
Fr Will

Thursday 25th January  - Conversion of St Paul
Morning Prayer
Fr Robert

Friday 26th January
Choir practice.
Men's Group Chinese Evening, St Maurice Church Hall.

Sunday 28th January – Fourth Sunday of Epiphany
The Presentation of Christ in the Temple (Candlemas)
Family Communion with presentation by the Seekers

Celebrant Fr Will

WANTED - for the bell ringers fete stall, we would be pleased to receive donations of glass tumblers, small glasses, teacups and saucers, oddments as well as sets will be welcome. Parcels labelled for Gabrielle can be left at the  tower steps, or handed to a ringer. Large donations could be collected. Thank you. Please see Gabrielle, Jenny or Gill.

LIGHTING FUND UPDATE - Church Lighting Project.
Progress Update -
Final approvals have been received and the scheme to renew our church lighting is going ahead. We have the firm expectation that works will commence within the near future for completion by Easter. Details of the start and planned completion date will be announced as soon as possible.

Financial Update -
As of 17th Jan 2018 the lighting fund stands at £13981.52.  We have paid the first instalment of £20,000 to Pyramid Lighting to order the fittings.
As agreed with the PCC £20,000 was transferred from the general fund and £2000 from the Belfry fund as we had been unable to get any grant funding from the applications that had been made.
The endowment funds that can be used for the upkeep of the Church are being dissolved and will be used to support this appeal.   £3,575.24 has been received so far from this.

CONFIRMATION – anyone interested in confirmation?  Please speak to Fr Will or Fr Robert if you would like more information.

HYMN AMNESTY – throughout January there will be a box in Church  labelled Hymn Amnesty.  Please complete the small form with your name and two favourite hymns. The aim is for all hymns suggested to be sung at some point in 2018.




10am - 12noon
St Mary's Church Hall

Saturday 17th February

Saturday 17th March

Saturday 21st April


Fr. Roger's
Retirement Lunch