15th - 22nd April 2018
Sunday 15th April – Third Sunday of Easter

Sung Eucharist
Celebrant Rev Dr Jan Collis         Preacher Bob Harrison
Tea Dance, Church Hall
Choral Evensong, St Mary's.

Tuesday 17th April
No Evening Eucharist until further notice
Bible Study at the home of Fr David

Wednesday 18th April
Holy Communion.  Readings Acts 8:1b-8
Response 'Be joyful in God, all the earth'; John 6:35-40
Requiem Mass for Fiona Clowes

Thursday 19th April
Morning Prayer

Friday 20th April
Choir practice
Choral Wedding.
Please pray for J. Farrage and J. McLoughlin
Rev Dr Jan Collis

Quiz Night, Church Hall Tickets £6 (inc pasty). Bring your
own drink.  For more information please speak to Vicky.

Saturday 21st April
Messy Church, St Mary's Church Hall

Sunday 22nd April – Fourth Sunday of Easter
Sung Eucharist
Celebrant and preacher Fr Will
Baptism. Please pray for Freya and Thea
Faith Lunch followed by APCM
Choral Evensong at St Mary's

APCM, Next Sunday 22nd April, Church Hall following the service and Faith Lunch. If you are able to provide some food for the lunch
please speak to Steve and Shirley. Thank you

PCC MEMBERS – have you thought of serving your Church by becoming a PCC member.  If so there are forms at the back of Church for you to complete.  If you are not sure or wish to have more information, please speak to Fr Will ASAP. Please think about this very important role within the Church.

As of the 9th April the lighting fund stands at £10987.55
We have had
£80.50 raised by the Seekers from the pancake party
£20 donated by a member of the congregation
£1000 donated by the St Maurice Civic Association
£500 donated by a member of the congregation
£413 raised for the coach trip to Bath
£95.80 from the Donations Jar
The final invoice has come in for £10333.20 so I will be paying that this week.
There is also an outstanding invoice for LePage Architects for £228 that will also be paid this week.
This gives us an excess of £426.35 that will go back into the general funds unless there are any other payments that need to be made.
I will also start the process of reclaiming the VAT for this work and also the work on the Organ, so we should be able to pay our common fund this week as well!
Thank you all for your hard work and support with the amazing project.  People love what the lights have done to the Church, one person commented to me that “it makes the church look even more alive!”


ADVANCE NOTICE -Thursday 3rd May, 7.00pm – Fundraising Musical Concert in Church by Peter divided between Children’s Hospice SW and Church Funds.




10am - 12noon
St Mary's Church Hall

Saturday 21st April

Saturday 19th May
(in St Mary’s Church)